Living in Wales


Wales has some of the lowest living costs in the UK, and most of the population enjoy a high standard of living. Wales tends to have lower costs on items such as accommodation, travel, food, entertainment, shopping and services. Property prices, council tax and basic expenses all generally fall below the UK average. The Welsh Government provides detailed statistics on average weekly earnings on their website.

Living costs in Wales will of course depend on lifestyle, and we recommend researching your average weekly living costs before arriving. Remember to include rent (including bills) on top of other expenses such as food, telephone, stationary, clothes, entertainment etc. All of Wales’ universities will be able to offer guidance on how to budget if you need help.


Wales has a moderate climate, very similar to the rest of the United Kingdom (UK). Weather tends to be mild and variable, and whilst there is high rainfall at some times of the year, we enjoy long summer days, perfect for enjoying life on our award winning beaches!

In winter we sometimes have snow, but mainly on the mountains. The weather rarely stops people getting out and about, whether it is for business or pleasure. Snow on lower lying land tends to come and go within a few days. The average mean temperatures are 10⁰C (50⁰F) in winter and 20⁰C (68⁰F) in summer.


The Welsh Language

Although English is the first language of most people in Wales today, the Welsh language continues to thrive. Half a million people in Wales can speak Welsh in addition to English, that’s around 20% of the population. Welsh is a Celtic language and one of Europe’s oldest living languages!

All your academic courses will be taught through the medium of English and your day-to-day life can be easily lived through English. However, there are lots of opportunities for you to learn some Welsh if you’d like to. Some of our place names may look complicated, but you can learn to pronounce them quite easily! If you’re interested in finding out more, you can find some basic Welsh phrases here – but wherever you study in Wales, you’ll find a warm welcome in English or Welsh.

Living in Wales