Travelling to Wales

Wales is well connected to the rest of the UK, Europe and the world through its road and rail network, its ports and through its proximity to several major UK airports.

South Wales is served by Cardiff Airport. Cardiff, Wales’ capital city, is only two hours from London, and four hours from Brussels by train. South Wales is also within reaching distance of Bristol Airport (1 hour) and London Heathrow (2 hours).

Equally, North Wales (Bangor and Glyndwr Universities) benefits from being less than two hours away from the transport hubs of Manchester and Liverpool, with mid-Wales (Aberystwyth) best served by Birmingham Airport.

For more details on flights, trains and ferries, please visit the Visit Wales website.

It is easy to get around Wales by train, bus, car, or even domestic flight. If you are keen to explore, you will find plenty of journeys that are wonderful experiences in their own right. Wales has some of the most scenic roads, railways and pathways in Britain. Travel information, including train timetables, bus and coach operators, information on discounted train and bus travel, bicycle and foot paths is available on the Visit Wales website.