Learna Ltd is a Cardiff-based business offering online resources for medical Continued Personal Development (CPD) courses and Special Certificate Examination (SCE) revision. The business works closely with Cardiff University’s ‘Launchpad’ scheme, which helps graduates gain employment and work experience through 12-week placements across a wide range of industries. 

Here's how they helped graduate, Gareth Kent, gain industry experience.

“We have always co-operated with Cardiff University by offering placements and internships through their ‘Launchpad’ scheme, so we approached our contacts there to explore potential internships for an exciting opportunity with us.  

“After discussing our requirements, Cardiff University posted an advertisement on their job board and undertook the preliminary screening of candidates. From the pool, we selected a handful for interviews.

“In March 2021, we welcomed Gareth Kent, a graduate intern who joined us through the Launchpad scheme. He took on the role of an editorial assistant, dedicating 20 hours per week until early June 2021. He was responsible for:

- Supervising the editorial process to ensure compliance with the current authoring guidelines

- Managing content production timelines to assure on-time delivery

- Collaborating with the editorial team to keep all educational materials current and in line with the most recent developments in medical knowledge

 - Overseeing the content review process, working alongside internal and external contributors to guarantee that all feedback is considered and integrated

“After performing so well, we offered Gareth a full-time role after his internship ended. We are pleased to report that Gareth has not only excelled in this role but has also earned a promotion to editorial executive.”

Gareth secured his internship, which led to full-time employment, through the help of the careers service and Cardiff University’s Launchpad and Student Futures schemes. You can find out all about Cardiff University’s career service here.


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