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Study in Wales Marks FIFA World Cup

Wales’ historic qualification for the 2022 FIFA World Cup presented a great opportunity to promote higher and further education whilst Wales had this global platform.


Rise Of Wrexham: Football, Community & Higher Education

Ever since Hollywood heavyweights Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds announced their intentions to purchase Wrexham AFC in 2020, interest in the club has grown rapidly. But what has this meteoric sporting success meant for Wrexham, its community and its university?


Wales' Journey to the World Cup

Many may consider Wales’ national sport to be rugby, but our footballing heritage is rich and colourful, Wales has produced some of the sport’s most famous players, memorable matches, and the third oldest club in the world

Wales at the World Cup Video Series

We've produced a series of videos to commemorate Wales' first football World Cup in 64 years, and to hear from the students from around the world who now study in our universities and colleges.

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