Before you apply

It’s essential to set aside plenty of time for researching universities and courses, and then for filling out your applications. If you need a visa to study in the UK, you will also need to allow time for entry clearance – see our visa page for further details.

You can apply for more than one university at a time, which will help ensure you end up on the course best suited to you. There are different rules for applicants from United Kingdom (UK), European Union (EU) and international students. For the latest information, see the guidance page on UCAS.

Application checklist

  • Check the academic requirements of your chosen courses, plus the English language requirements if applicable.
  • Make sure you know what tuition fees and living expenses are involved.
  • Find out what funding is available for your courses.
  • Direct any questions to the admissions offices of your chosen university.

Undergraduate applications

You can apply for undergraduate study in Wales through UCAS. The online process allows you to apply for up to five courses at the same time, at the same or at different universities – although there are some restrictions on the combination of courses you can apply for. Deadlines for applications vary, depending on your course, and you’ll find this information on the UCAS website.

When applying, you will need to provide information about your education history and the qualifications you have already gained. You will need to include your employment record and proof of language skills (if applicable), and to provide references and a personal statement. It is best to have this information ready before you apply.

If you are offered a place and accept it through UCAS, the university will then provide you with information about enrolment, accommodation and travel.

Postgraduate applications

Universities in Wales manage their own applications for postgraduate study: please check each institution’s website for details. However, it’s possible to apply online for some courses through UCAS Postgraduate.

If you are offered a place and accept it, the university will provide you with information about enrolment, accommodation and travel.

English language requirements

If English is not your first language, your university will require you to demonstrate your English language proficiency. You may be required to show evidence of having studied English at school, to produce a certificate proving your competence, or to pass an approvedlanguage test.

Universities in Wales offer a variety of English language support schemes, including pre-sessional language courses, which will help to improve your English and academic skills before you start your course.

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