Employability plays an integral role at USW, helping you build job-ready skills and gain relevant experience for your career through tailored programmes like The South Wales Business Clinic and USW Careers.

The South Wales Business Clinic helps students develop the personal skills, awareness, and discipline essential in the workplace. 

The purpose of the Business Clinic is to provide students with the opportunity to test their knowledge and showcase their talents. Students will get hands-on experience communicating, learning, and working alongside small and medium-sized enterprises, non-profit organisations and multi-national businesses. 

The Business Clinic supports students with:

  • Accountancy audit and recommendations​
  • Digital marketing and social media audits​
  • Feasibility studies on strategic decisions or expansion​
  • Human resource audit and recommendations​
  • Logistical review and recommendations​
  • Strategic marketing reviews.

“The Business Clinic offers excellent facilities, state-of-the-art workplaces, and the opportunity to seek advice from various specialist lecturers. I can recommend anyone interested in analysing real business problems to join the USW Business Clinic. By being responsible for the projects yourself, you have a very steep learning curve and acquire a lot of knowledge and skills in a short time.” 

USW International Business Management Graduate, Julian Kuhlmann

USW Careers is a service designed to encourage, guide, and assist you throughout your time as a student at USW and after you graduate. 

They can help you find opportunities, consider your career options, and develop the skills and experience you need for life after university.

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