This week Global Wales hosted the “Global Wales: Fulbright Forum”, a celebration of Fulbright scholars from across the UK (including 7 from Wales) and our own Global Wales scholars.

More than 90 students joined the forum, taking part in a range of activities over their three days in Cardiff, Wales. The programme began with workshops hosted by the Welsh Co-operative Centre on the Tuesday, looking at “Wicked Problems” that are prevalent in Wales and across the world. On Wednesday, students visited the Senedd with a reception hosted by Heledd Fychan MS, and an impromptu talk from Lee Waters MS. Thursday wrapped up the week with Fulbright students sharing their research and experiences in the UK, before taking part in a traditional Welsh twmpath in the evening.

Alma Chavez, Fulbright student, commented that “When in Wales, the atmosphere is majestic”.

You can find out more information on the scholarships Global Wales has to offer here.

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