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  • The only Catholic College in Wales.
  • Specialists in education of 16 to 19 year olds.
  • An ideal step between High School and University, Apprenticeships or Employment.

Learners from St. David’s Catholic College consistently achieve grades higher than the national average. While having a strong focus on academic achievement, St. David’s College recognises the importance of the holistic development of its learners and for this reason, the college ensures that it provides high quality pastoral care, wellbeing support and destinations guidance. By combining excellent teaching and learning with a high level of support, St. David’s’ College ensures that all learners reach their full potential and are ambitious, active and engaged citizens of the world.

Being a college strictly for 16 to 19 year olds means that it is a specialist in delivering AS/ A Levels, BTEC courses and WJEC Applied AS/ A level courses. Both teachers and support staff can focus 100% of their time, energy and resources on post-16 education. 

The college has a successful Honour Programme aimed at those learners that are high achieving. The Honours Programme provides specialist support for those looking to secure place in prestigious universities. This programme is challenging and encourages learners to develop high level academic skills and to improve their ability to engage in academic conversation. 

St. David’s College is based in Penylan, Cardiff and is a short walk from Roath Park.

The college draws learners from Cardiff, the Vale of Glamorgan and the surrounding areas. We have around 30 international learners in 2022/23. The college community is the most diverse college of 16-19 year olds in Wales. 

St. David’s College offers international students:

  • 1 year (AS level)
  • 2 years (Full A level)
  • Alternatively, learners can study for 1-6 months to experience Welsh culture and further their ability to learn in English.

Learners who complete one year will receive an AS qualification. Learners must complete two years to achieve an A level qualification. Learners who complete their A levels typically go on to study at university.

Warm and welcoming staff help learners by arranging activities, trips, clubs and access to local facilities to enhance the College experience. St. David’s College staff can offer support in finding accommodation with local families. 

Quick stats

Location: Penylan, Cardiff, South Wales

Number of students: 1550


Information for applicants

Applications open during the first Open Evening of the year, usually in late October or November. You can apply by going to

For information on studying at St David’s College as an international student, go to:

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