It can always be daunting starting your next - or first - big adventure, but the students that have come to study in Wales from abroad have found just how comforting a ‘croeso’ can be.

From Bangor to Cardiff, Wrexham to Swansea, the international students that do us the honour of coming to study in Wales have all been taken aback by the warmth that they’ve been met with. Whether it be the kindness of the locals, banter from the teachers, or even just a friendly smile down the street, our students could not help but gush about those they’d met since the start of their expeditions.

Taking the next big step in your life can be a lot less scary with the support of the community around you.


To the world, there is one thing that makes our nation stand out from the rest: “The massive red dragon on the flag”. Traveling around the country to meet students who’d decided to come and study in Wales, our mythic symbol hadn’t been lost on them. One Tanzanian student studying in Aberystwyth immediately brought up his disappointment that - after only two months - he was still yet to catch a glimpse of a dragon in the flesh…we hope he has more luck by the time his degree finishes.

Whilst they might not have been successful in spotting our fire-breathing friends, students in Wales, whether from home or overseas have been able to experience one thing: the mesmerizing beauty of the nation’s landscape. Whether taken speechless by the peaks of the north or the rugged coast of the south, those coming to study in Wales from abroad can be sure to always find an adventure and amazing study experience in the land steeped in such rich history, myth and song.

Who Will Win The World Cup?

Whilst the students up and down Wales might be conflicted about who will win the upcoming FIFA World Cup, there’s one thing everyone seems to agree on: there is a contagious excitement brewing across the nation.

For the first time in 64 years, Wales have qualified for the World Cup, and the buzz has not been lost on the students that have come to study in our institutions from abroad. Whilst many of them will be holding out for their own favourites to win, they can’t help but get swept away in the eager anticipation that creeps over the rolling hills and throughout the streets. Although they might not all agree on who will come out as champions by the end of the tournament, there is one thing they’re all unanimous about, and that’s their excitement to be part of the action as Wales give it their best shot!


Student life can’t always be endless nights of partying and living large, what they are really here for is the world-class education that our institutions have to offer.

Throughout the week, students have access to a great number of fantastic facilities, from flight-simulators to fully operated tv recording studios, football academies to state-of-the-art laboratories. The individuals that choose to study in Wales from abroad often do so not just for the chance to experience the culture and beauty of our nation, but for the invaluable educational opportunities that studying at our institutions can bring.

Uni Life

It can’t always be work and no play when you’re living the student life, so it’s lucky that those studying in Wales have the chance to live life to the max!

We spoke to students across the country and they were all passionate about the activities and societies they were able to be a part of whilst studying in Wales. With some dabbling in the art of archery, surfing or bowling, and others just enjoying a beer (or\ two!) with the friends they’d made, these students were quick to share what made studying in our nation so special.

Whether it be by joining the football team and becoming the next Bale, or discovering that crazy golf isn’t always as ‘crazy’ as you’d once expected, discover the chance to live life to the fullest by studying in Wales

A series of videos has also been produced that can be found on the Study in Wales TikTok. 

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