The 27-year-old, from Kerala, in India, moved to Wales for an MBA with advanced practice in August 2021 and is currently completing a marketing internship. 

Amarnath said: “Before moving to Wales, I didn’t know a lot about it. 

“All that I knew was that it had a beautiful coastline and wasn’t very populated – and I thought it would be a great place to study because of its calm atmosphere. 

“I started researching courses online and came across Wrexham Glyndwr. 

“The university had a reputation for teaching excellence and the natural beauty of the surrounding area reminded me of Kerala, so I decided to apply for a Master of Business Administration with advanced practice and was accepted onto the course.  

“Studying in Wales is far cheaper than studying for a postgraduate degree in India where the course would cost around £20,000 per year, for far less support from the university. I applied for the Global Wales Scholarship which paid for most of my course fees and moved to Wales in August 2021. 

“This was a big move for me as I had never travelled internationally before – but the challenge has helped me to grow in lots of ways. 

“The best thing about Glyndwr is its approach to students which is very different to my education back home. All my tutors are so happy to help and the staff are very approachable: I never feel like a nuisance. There is also a clear support system in place to help international students. 

“My postgraduate degree has a professional focus and is designed to help students succeed in industry.

“In April this year, I was lucky enough to start an internship with the marketing department at Wrexham Glyndwr and I’ve really enjoyed learning about marketing strategies and hope that the experience will help me find work with a multinational company in India once I’ve graduated. 

“I’m also in the process of creating a business plan for a start-up and have been supported every step of the way by the university. I hope to develop this further and if things go well, I plan to start my own business which is exciting. 

“For those students thinking of applying to study in Wales, I’d say get rid of those doubts. 

“Everyone in Wales is friendly and helpful and I have found it easy to make friends here. You’ll have a wonderful experience.”


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