“A major focus of my work is to investigate the possibilities for life on icy worlds in the outer solar system using data returned from space missions. In addition, I work on new types of instruments and robots to explore extreme environments on Earth, to prepare for future space missions. The Space Science and Robotics degree uniquely prepared me for this work, since I, unlike many people in my field, have a dual background in both engineering and science.”

Tom Nordheim
BSc Space Science and Robotics
Aberystwyth University, 2009
Now research scientist at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California

“The School of Sport, Health and Outdoor Education is a fantastic department with great lecturers and staff members. The course has given me a vast amount of experience in the sport and education field, and has started a journey towards my postgraduate studies. I am looking forward to making new experiences and seeing what the future holds while continuing my education in Wales.”

Shaun Liew
BA Sport and Health
University of Wales Trinity Saint David, 2018
Now student on Masters course in Physical Education with Qualified Teacher Status, UWTSD

“During my final year at Cardiff Met, I decided to do an Enterprise Project. This opportunity allowed me to conduct market research into what a sport agent does, the size of the market, the pool of potential clients, and the estimated cashflow. This process added value to when it came to starting Archer Sports Management after graduation. Seizing this opportunity put me in the business frame of mind to pitch a real-life business venture to an examination board.”

Ben Hofmeister
 BSc Sport Management
Cardiff Metropolitan University, 2016
Now co-founder and managing director, Archer Sports Management

“My time at the University enabled me to create my dream job in a place I love. It’s great being able to continue to support the University and the local community through my work at the Anglesey Sea Zoo.”

Frankie Hobro
MSc Marine Environmental Protection
Bangor University, 2002
Now director and owner of Anglesey Sea Zoo

“Cardiff Met really did help to prepare me for the world of work. I was encouraged to seek a range of work experience opportunities, as this would better allow me to find a role that particularly interested me, and discover the career path I would like to pursue. One of the opportunities I took on was with Grapevine Event Management. Since graduating, I have become a full-time employee – and I’m grateful that my experiences while studying have led to a career I’m passionate about.”

Paige Cradduck
BA Events Management
Cardiff Metropolitan University, 2018
Now event assistant, Grapevine Event Management, Cardiff

“Some of my greatest memories come from my time at Bangor. If I had to pick one particular thing, it would be the friends and the faculty that I met there and helped support me. My time at Bangor was one of the most defining, pivotal moments of my life. I think that all of the values, the work ethic and a lot of my aspirations come from my time there.”

Jonathan Wright,
BA Sociology and Criminology
Bangor University, 1999
Global Managing Director at Dow Jones in Hong Kong

“My accommodation was right on the beach, and I walked there almost every day during my studies. Everything I needed was so close: groceries, banking, shopping and the city centre. The campus and city – and Rhossili Beach, in particular – are beautiful. There was lots of diversity on campus, including many international students. And job prospects were high.”

Bre-Anna King
MSc Research Methods in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience
Swansea University, 2017
Now PhD student, McMaster University

“Before I took the decision to come back to university, it had been 15 years since I had been in work and I was apprehensive about starting. I feel that since being on the course, it is the first time I have ever used my brain fully. It has been enormously challenging, but I have learnt so much.”

Angela Mison
MSc Computer Forensics
University of South Wales, 2019
Retired computer scientist, now engaged in further research at the University

“It simply changed my life. It helped me establish a new career and enabled me to reconstruct my sense of self and self-worth when both had been damaged through a chance accident.”

Kate Bullen
BSc and PhD Psychology
Swansea University, 1993 and 2001
Now professor and head of School of Applied Social Science, Brighton University; President of British Psychological Society, 2018-19

“The course offered me a lot of challenges, as a student from Canada coming into a new country. It enabled me to break out of my shell and comfort zone, take risks, and make friends and memories that will last a lifetime. The cultural trips for international students were also a huge bonus. The experience opened my eyes and made me see that Wales is my second home.”

Kelsey Elizabeth Robertson
BA Acting
University of Wales Trinity Saint David, 2018
Now working actor in Wales

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