When it came to choosing where to study, Wales was the first choice for Ananya.  

Ananya, from Mumbai, had previously spent time soaking up the vibrant atmosphere of Cardiff while visiting her family on holiday and fallen in love with the capital.  

And the 19-year-old spent hours looking for the right university, hoping to find a course that offered a sandwich year placement where she could gain valuable work experience.  

Luckily, Ananya came across the BA (Hons) in Fashion Promotion at University of South Wales – and began researching all the facilities and amenities the university, which is based in Cardiff, offered international students.   

At the beginning of the application process, Ananya consulted with an overseas education consultant in Mumbai. However, Ananya decided to progress with the application alone after receiving valuable support from the international team at USW, who helped with everything from the application process to immigration and visas.  

Despite beginning her university education in India due to delays caused by the pandemic, Ananya was always included in as many activities as possible, by both the faculty and the students. 

And when she moved during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic at the end of November 2020, the university international team did everything they could to make her feel comfortable in a new city. 

One of the main reasons Ananya chose to study in Wales was the industry experience offered throughout the course – an opportunity which is not available in India.  

Studying at University of South Wales has opened numerous doors for Ananya, and having only lived here for seven months, Ananya has already secured a summer internship at a PR and marketing agency and is about to collaborate on a documentary photography project with other students at USW.

Ananya’s advice to people considering studying in Wales is this: Go for it. It’s a choice you won’t regret.  

Wales is diverse in every sense of the word and the people are as accepting as they come. Studying in Wales is a choice you won’t regret making.

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