For Master’s student Anisha moving to Wales was a big step.

Anisha, who comes from Mumbai, India, had barely travelled outside her home country and knew very little about Wales before deciding to apply for an MA in International Public Relations and Global Communications at Cardiff University.

With Universities across the world on Anisha’s shortlist, including in Canada and The Netherlands, she made the decision to study in Cardiff after her cousin told her what a beautiful city it was.

Anisha’s arrival in the UK was initially hindered by the pandemic. She had to quarantine for ten days which she found incredibly challenging and exacerbated the feeling of being so far from home. However, it wasn’t long before she was out of isolation, and the University’s offering of clubs and societies meant she was able to meet new people and settle into her new home in no time.

Anisha recalls one particular postgraduate meeting at a park in central Cardiff where she had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world; from the US, Nigeria, India and China, all who had travelled to Cardiff from afar and were in a similar boat. It helped her to establish new friendships and made her feel at home. 

Since moving to the capital city of Wales, Anisha has found the locals to be incredibly friendly and helpful – but she has found student life very different to her classes in India.

In India, she had lots of exams and practical lectures five, or sometimes six, days a week. But at Cardiff University, she is encouraged to have discussions, read and carry out independent research for her assignments which she finds more enjoyable.

In comparison to the hustle and bustle in the noisy streets of Mumbai, Anisha has found the perfect balance in Cardiff – a city that is small in size but big in personality. Getting around on foot is easy, and the parks and gardens of Cardiff are the ideal spot to find peace. Anisha loves living and studying in Wales and hopes to stay on after her course has finished to find work in public relations.

When asked about her favourite part of the University, Anisha said “It’s the feeling of warmth the community of students have created here.”

To anyone thinking of applying for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Wales, Anisha advises them to come prepared.

Anisha believes that studying in Wales is not just about work and attending classes – but about “embracing a new culture, meeting new people and exploring new places.”

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