For student Caoimhe, moving to Wales for a postgraduate degree in sports broadcasting at Cardiff Metropolitan University was the perfect next step. The 24-year-old, from Mayo, Ireland, couldn’t wait to move – and would encourage anyone to think about studying in Wales. 

Caoimhe said: “As part of my undergraduate degree in English literature and media at University of Limerick, I’d taken part in the Erasmus exchange programme and spent time learning at Cardiff Met. 

“I was keen to get back and applied for a postgraduate degree in sports broadcasting. The course is unique and there is no equivalent in Ireland. I think there’s only one other university in the UK of a similar standard – but this course is the best.  

“We get to try everything, from commentating, camera and film set-up to production and presenting. I’m really enjoying it. 

“The coronavirus pandemic meant that I deferred my place until September 2021 to get a better student experience. 

“I didn’t want to pay course fees to study online as I’m a practical learner – and it wouldn’t have been ideal to start a sports degree, with no sport being played. 

“By deferring, I was also eligible to apply for the Global Wales postgraduate scholarship. The £10,000 scholarship has covered my course fees which has meant that I’ve been able to enjoy my time here.  

“Although I decided to defer, I still moved to Cardiff in September 2020 and found work in various  jobs, such as door-to-door sales for a charity and in an IT office, and when the international pool reopened, I worked as a lifeguard. 

“When I arrived, I didn’t feel nervous because I wanted something new. And it helped that at first glance, Cardiff reminded me of Limerick.  

“Unlike cities such as Dublin and London, it’s a lot cheaper to live in Cardiff. You can have a bit more freedom to have fun, without worrying about how you will pay for rent or food. 

“Even though Cardiff is a huge city, it’s compact and easy to get around. There’s a good vibe and atmosphere – and it doesn’t feel like a capital city because everyone is so friendly. Sometimes it feels like I have never left home.

“As for Cardiff Met, there’s a place for everyone. It’s unlike any other atmosphere I’ve known. All the sports teams support one another, whether you play rugby, football, hockey, or water polo like me: it’s like one big family. 

“After I graduate, I hope to stay in Wales for a year and find work in production, but after that, I’m not sure. Although moving to a different country can be daunting, I’d advise anyone thinking of studying abroad to just bite the bullet. You’ll find everyone is so welcoming.”

Thinking about joining Caoimhe at Cardiff Metropolitan University? For more information visit: Study in the UK - Cardiff Met International Office


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