The 21-year-old from Louisville, Kentucky, spent two years’ studying for a nursing degree in the United States before realising that it wasn’t quite the right fit. 

After hearing about Wales from her dad who sometimes travelled to the UK for work, Ruby started researching degrees and realised that she could study abroad, without having to pay extortionate fees. 

So, Ruby filled out an application form online through the UCAS website and applied to study a three-year English literature and media undergraduate degree at Aberystwyth University in September 2021. 

Life at Aber was a fresh start for Ruby.  

After noticing her accent, everyone wanted to ask her about Kentucky Fried Chicken. It was a good conversation starter and Ruby – who had never travelled abroad before moving to Aber – found her accent helped her to make friends. 

Ruby quickly settled into campus life, signing up to different societies such as volleyball and cheerleading, before joining the university basketball team.  

It's been eight months since Ruby packed her bags and flew across the Atlantic Ocean – and she believes that studying in Wales has provided her with endless opportunities. 

With more of a focus on students’ mental and physical health, Ruby thinks that Aberystwyth University is far more relaxed than higher education in the United States, with a less intense workload and more personal support from lecturers. 

After graduating, Ruby hopes to find work in Wales and continue living in the UK. 

The perfect combination of lifelong friendships, beautiful coastal location and a quiet campus setting means that Ruby is happier than she has ever been– and her advice to any international student thinking about studying in Wales is to apply and just go for it. 

Fancy joining Ruby at Aberystwyth University? For further information, visit: Information for International Students  : Aberystwyth University

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