The former software engineer, who is from Mumbai, India, decided to switch careers because her job involved a lot of coding and programming which she found difficult. Susan landed herself a job as data analyst where she discovered her passion for analytics and consulting. She wanted to pursue this passion and applied for a Master’s in International Business Management. 

But it was the International Execellence Scholarship that Swansea University offered international students that first attracted Susan to the seaside university. As well as the scholarship Susan fell in love with the beauty of the Bay campus which is one of the only global universities with its own seafront.

Susan – who felt it was important to have financial security – applied and qualified for the scholarship and chose to study in Wales. And she has been happy with her decision ever since.

Before moving to Wales January 2021, Susan had never travelled to the United Kingdom. Although she had heard of the country because some members of her family lived in Cardiff, everything was new. When Susan arrived, she instantly fell in love with the beauty of Wales and the friendly, warm atmosphere of Swansea. Susan loves how her university is so close to the beach and enjoys spending time relaxing there after her lectures.

Although Susan began studying in the middle of a pandemic, she felt supported throughout by her lecturers and tutors – and felt that Swansea University offered help to students who were struggling. This included a COVID-19 relief fund for those who had financial difficulties and there was also a range of online social activities for students who were struggling socially. Susan enjoyed the virtual movie nights, bingo, and murder mystery events where she was able to meet new people outside of her course. 

Student life is busy for Susan. She helps with open days, is a student ambassador for the School of Management and encourages prospective students to come and study at Swansea University. She also has a couple of part-time jobs within the university which has helped her settle quickly and make new friends. 

Even though she’s very far from India, Susan has felt completely at home in Swansea – and has even been able to find local delicacies and good Indian food. After her studies have finished, Susan hopes to find employment and make Wales her permanent home so she can enjoy the laid-back culture and continue to explore the country. 

As an international student studying in Wales, I would vouch for it. Despite the pandemic, the services and quality of education offered by the university was top-notch. There were various sessions and activities arranged for students to keep us engaged– and the Welsh Government extended continuous support in the form of financial aid to international students.

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