However, football had always been a passion for Vinay and when the opportunity to study a Bachelor of Science in Football Coaching and Performance arose at the University of South Wales, he knew he had to take it. 

After researching courses across the UK, he found the degree offered by the University of South Wales offered unique and engaging modules – and had an unrivalled reputation. 

As a first-time international traveller, Vinay was contacted by the Indian Society who provided advice on everything from which buses to catch into Cardiff city centre to helping him secure a place in a friendly house share in Treforest. 

Before moving to Wales, Vinay was worried about the simple things – will people be nice to me, will I fit in, do I have the right clothes – but these worries were unfounded, as Vinay has found Cardiff offers great diversity in every sense of the word – ethnically, culturally and religiously. 

Studying at the University of South Wales has opened numerous doors for Vinay and has enabled him to build great connections with experts in his field. Although the initial move to Wales was challenging, with the support of the Cardiff community and his family back home, Vinay has used the pandemic as an opportunity to focus and work hard. 

With an interest in analysis and exciting new career prospects, Vinay has thrived in Wales and now considers the country to be his second home. Vinay has now taken on a role as media secretary at the Indian Society and he is thrilled to be able to support other students relocating from India. 


There is so much more to Wales than just Cardiff – that’s what I want people to know. It’s a great place, and a place for everyone.

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