If there's one thing the past few years have taught us, it's the importance of looking after our mental and physical wellbeing. As an international student moving away from your friends and family to study in Wales, we want you to know about the support you receive to help you thrive both academically and personally.

As an international student in Wales, you'll have a wide range of support services at your fingertips. You'll be well looked after and we have the resources to keep your wellbeing in check before you even arrive.


For prospective students making the transition from high school to higher education, University Ready, an online hub developed by universities across Wales, provides free support tools and resources to help you at university; such as advice on avoiding stress, mindfulness tips, and practical study skills including time management and report writing.

The hub provides information on your chosen areas of study as well as a look into student life, from virtual campus tours and peer-to-peer support, to taster lectures and study tips.

All eight of our universities have your wellbeing in mind from the moment you apply to study here. Our universities have dedicated international teams who are on-hand to help you with your visa application, provide English language and academic support, and financial advice.

One student at Bangor University explained “Support is available to you from acceptance to graduation and beyond.”

Wherever you're travelling from, the teams at Bangor, Aberystwyth, Cardiff, University of South Wales and University of Wales Trinity St. David will be ready and waiting for you with an airport pick-up service, to help take the stress out of getting to campus and kickstart your first week of university life smoothly.

Each of the universities’ welcome week orientation programmes will help you get to know your university, meet new friends, explore the town and surrounding areas, and settle into the place you’ll call home.

Looking out for you

Our universities go above and beyond to provide wellbeing services for students, with mental health and wellbeing strategies in place to offer you as much support as possible. Just some of the services available include 1:1 counselling, a 24/7 student helpline, peer-to-peer support, drop in sessions and self-help apps including TogetherAll and TalkCampus.

Students studying at Welsh universities will also benefit from an online hub branded The Mental Health and Well-being Collection. The website offers free, bilingual resources that promote positive well-being and support good mental health. The collection provides resources on a range of well-being subjects for students studying at higher or further education level.

Helping each other

We pride ourselves on being one of the most welcoming and friendly nations in the world – we'll greet you with open arms, and we’re only too happy to lend a hand.

The friendliness of our country is emulated across all eight of our world-class universities, which have  dedicated teams of staff and students on-hand to offer support for international students; from helping you find your way around campus, to pointing you in the direction of the best coffee shops in town.

With many of our volunteers being international students themselves, they share the experience of moving to Wales having never lived here before.

Anisha, who is currently studying for her MA in International Public Relations at Cardiff University, said her favourite thing about Wales is “the feeling of warmth the community of students have created here.”

Not forgetting the diverse offering of clubs and societies that are run for students, by students, you’ll never be far from meeting a group of like-minded people to share your passions with. 

The friends you make during your studies is one of the greatest parts of the university experience and will provide you with a tight-knit support network.

We’re here for you

Whether it’s needing reassurance with nerves about leaving home, worries about finances, or any concerns in the lead up to and during your studies, we have the people and support to help you.

Our teams of students and staff are here to look after you every step of the way, and help you to get the most out of your university experience.

For more information about studying in Wales and where to begin, click here

This is Wales, and this is us supporting you. 

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