There were two reasons why I chose Swansea. The first was that I went to school in Newport when my father was working over here, so Wales already felt like home. The other was that Swansea is ranked among the best universities when it comes to the area I’m studying – commercial and shipping law. I believe it’s going to push me further in my career and help me reach the goals I’ve planned for myself.

Applying for my place was very straightforward. Whenever I had any queries, I would mail the admin office at Swansea University, and they were very quick to reply. They did everything possible to make things easy for me, knowing I was applying from India – a pretty long way away from Wales.

Everyone was warm and welcoming. Coming to Wales without my parents, I remember feeling a little worried about how I would settle in. But when I was in my halls for the first time, wondering how things would turn out, two people knocked at my door. It was ‘Who are you? We’ve only just arrived – let’s chat, let’s go out.’ Things changed immediately.

I come from Mumbai in India, which is known for its beaches. One of the biggest selling points of Swansea, for me, is its fantastic beaches. You’re near Mumbles, with one of the best piers I’ve ever been to, and the Gower Peninsula. I make a point of visiting Cardiff Bay every other weekend, and I’ve been to Pembrokeshire and explored the islands. South Wales really is beautiful.

A great selling point is the fantastic beaches

I live on the Singleton Park Campus, in a postgraduates’ hall. We’re surrounded by parkland and are across the road from the sea. Everything is nearby – the law college and the bus stop are just a minute away. It’s very student-friendly, and there are people from all different backgrounds here. We have large contingents from China, Japan, the Philippines and India.

The lecturers are very approachable here. It’s very different from studying in India, where I did my undergraduate degree. There, everything is a lot more hard and fast. But at Swansea, the head of the law school and the director of my course have been very easy to go to, whenever I’ve needed to talk about something. They feel as much like friends as teachers, and that level of understanding makes things easier for us. You’re motivated to go out and do your best.

The University has a very active law society. We go up to London for events at the big law firms, and visit the courts to see how they work. Back in Swansea, there’s a social side to it, too, with drinks at the Pub on the Pond, just outside our campus. I’ve signed up for the university cricket club, and I’ve got a trial coming up with the football club. And there’s a Hindu society, which organised celebrations for Diwali, the festival of lights, earlier this year.

There’s plenty of opportunity for socialising in town. Wind Street is where the bars are. I went out there for the first time on Halloween. We found a bar that was playing the sort of music I enjoy, and it even had a pumpkin rodeo – we had a great time. It’s like the weekend there, every day of the week!

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