Across the website you’ll find guidance about each of the universities in Wales, information on entry requirements and application procedures, funding and scholarship information and general information about Wales and the UK.

There are some key differences between US and Welsh higher education study - including:

Wales has shorter, more focused degrees - 3 years for a bachelor's, 1 year for a master's, 3 years for a PhD. Degrees are equal to US degrees in nearly every case (certifications are case by case). There are no general education requirements- students go straight into studying their desired subject, meaning you apply for your major when applying to the University.

Affordable options. Tuition starts at around $15,000 per year (again, 3 year degree) before scholarships. Students from the US have access to a number of scholarships at each of the Welsh Universities, and many universities partner with various scholarship bodies as well as FAFSA, and the GI Bill. The cost of living is also very affordable, and significantly lower than the rest of the UK. Many students plan to stay for 4 years, earning their bachelor's and master's in that time.

Quality of life. Wales is consistently highly-ranked for safety, student satisfaction, student support, retention, and employability. Students are engaged, traveling independently or with the university all over Europe and the UK. 

Flexible, transparent admissions process. It's free to apply directly to your university, most have rolling admissions and accept applications through until summer, plus there is no GRE requirement for grad school. All universities use UCAS, and three of our universities are also on the Common App, providing several options for applicants.

If you need to find out more, you can reach out to, or the USA advisors for each university are listed below:

Cardiff University: Rachel Holzinger

Cardiff Metropolitan University: Rob Alexander

University of South Wales: Sally Fairburn

University of Wales Trinity Saint David: Kath Griffiths

Bangor University

Swansea University: Jennifer Walker

Aberystwyth University: Jackie Jarocki

Wrexham University: Katy Davenport

Find out more about our 2024 Advisors Tour of Wales

Scholarships and Funding information

Study in Wales is currently offering three Global Wales funded scholarship options for students from the USA. Please visit our Global Wales Scholarships page for more information on the Gilman, Fulbright and Global Wales Postgraduate scholarship programmes.


We have created a helpful toolkit with useful resources to help share information about Study in Wales.


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