Moving to Wales for your studies? How exciting!

To ensure a seamless settling-in experience, we've compiled a list of essential tips to guide you through your initial days in this vibrant and welcoming country.

  1. Accommodation:

Start your journey on the right foot by organising your accommodation early and researching the options available to you. Our universities offer a range of living options from university housing to private rentals. You should start to think about where you are going to live as soon as you accept your offer.

  1. Banking Basics:

Simplify your financial transactions by researching and opening a UK bank account. Most well-known banks offer international student-friendly accounts with the necessary documentation. This step will make managing your finances a breeze and help you integrate seamlessly into the local banking system.

  1. Public Transport Savvy:

Navigate Wales with ease by getting to know the local transportation options – local to your university and national. Whether it's buses or trains, understanding the routes will make commuting stress-free and allow you to explore the beauty of Wales.

  1. Healthcare:

Prioritise your well-being by registering with a local GP (General Practitioner) and familiarising yourself with our healthcare services. International students can mostly access healthcare in the same way but knowing the process in case you need medical assistance will give you peace of mind and ensure you receive the right care.

  1. Mobile Connectivity:

Stay connected with loved ones back home by researching your new phone plan options. Consider getting a local SIM card for better rates and accessibility. This small step will keep you connected with friends and family, both locally and internationally.

  1. Home Away from Home:

Moving away from home can be daunting, so be sure to bring things that you are familiar with like photographs of your friends and family. Local shops and supermarkets will become your go-to for everyday items to help make your new environment feel like home.

  1. Student ID and Discounts:

Make the most of your student budget by ensuring you have your student ID card at the ready. This will open the door to various discounts on transportation, shopping, and entertainment. As a student you will get access to lots of discounts so you can do more of the things you love.

  1. Find your Student Navigators

Get the most of your university experience by attending orientation sessions or chatting to one of your student navigators on campus. It's an excellent opportunity to meet fellow students, learn about campus resources, and get accustomed to academic life. Student navigators can help you with everything from settling in to filling out necessary forms.

  1. Emergency Contacts:

Be prepared for any situation by saving important phone numbers. This includes university contacts, emergency services, and information from your embassy. Having these contacts readily available ensures you're equipped to handle any unexpected challenges.

  1. Join Student Organisations:

Enhance your student experience by engaging with student clubs and societies. It's a great way to meet people, make friends, and feel a sense of community. Embracing extracurricular activities enriches your time in Wales beyond the academic realm.

A smooth transition into university life starts with a well-informed introduction. Soon you'll be confidently navigating your new student life in Wales!

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